ISO Certification

The company Kaloustian from 24/04/2009 is certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system for field activities:

  • Trading watches and parts thereof
  • Repair of watches,
by TUV INTERCERT which is Inspection Agency - Certification and member of the German TUV NORD Group. This process led to better organization of the company with the ultimate aim of improving services to itscustomers. This action is part of the company at a set of actions and initiatives included in the philosophy of TQM, theprinciples which we have adopted in recent years. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard forquality assurance and quality management business. Business model is applied to ensure the expected quality in products and services offered by a company. Applied on the processes that produce products and services offered by anorganization. It provides methods and systematic review of operational activities to ensure the needs and requirements ofthe customer. It is designed in such a way as to apply for the production of any product or providing any service,anywhere in the world. The ISO 9001 certification by an accredited certification body demonstrates its commitment to quality, commitment tocustomer satisfaction and desire to continuously increase efficiency.